Founded by Rohani Foulkes and Kiki Louya, The Farmer's Hand is a woman-owned artisanal Pantry, Market & Kitchen that specializes in all-local, Michigan-made food, beverage and specialty gift ware products.  Our partners are small-to-medium sized businesses with honest, wholesome growth and processing practices, and we are committed to strengthening their relationships with the communities we serve.  

Located in Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood, The Farmer's Hand Pantry, Market & Kitchen is modeled after Argus Farm Stop (Ann Arbor, MI) and Local Roots (Wooster, Ohio) and, like them, we source from our community, for our community. Part grocery, part cafe, part year-round farmers market, we also provide an accessible, convenient and unique venue for local growers and producers to sell their products at a fair price, retain their identity, earn a living wage, and connect with our customers in an authentic and meaningful way. 

We are proud to be Detroit’s first neighborhood platform dedicated to the sale of 100% locally grown and produced goods.  

We are also proud to deliver this experience in a simpler, more personal way. 

We encourage every customer to question where their food comes from and how it’s made…to create memories and share recipes…to connect with their neighbors and give back to others…to bring their families and feel at home again. 

We are All Honest. All Local. 

And we hope you will join us.

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